When I was a kid growing up in broward county every year for my birthday my parents had a party for me. It was like the main event in my neighborhood everyone from family to friends would come out to celebrate my birthday with me, and for me and my friends the main event was the bounce house. I loved the bounce house, I would bounce in it the whole party. My mom would literally have to drag me out of the bounce house so they can wish me happy birthday. I would make my wish, blow my candles, eat a piece of cake and run as fast as I can back into the bounce house a bounce with my friends.

I enjoyed those times so much, that at 12 yrs old made the decision that when I grew up. I would own the best party rental company in broward county, and it would also feature a line of the cleanest, newest bounce houses in broward. Every thing I said at the young age of twelve came to past because now I have my own party rental company with the best bounce house in broward . Along with new chairs, tables concessions, clowns DJ,s and a slew of other games and rides and gadgets. Giving back to people what I received as a kid, a good time with amazing memories. I take pride in my business and the number one priority of fits party rental is to satisfy my customers and enhance the fun in every party I provide for.